Unrevealedness: state of Being and Non-Being 2017

Unrevealedness: between reason and ratio 2017

Unrevealedness: industrialized creativity 2016

Unrevealedness: the belonging of earth and world 2016

Unrevealedness: the nature of the thing

Unrevealed 2016

Alpha&Omega, Lou laughs longer 2011

Eat me 2015

My little wood stove 2011

Never sleigh like we used to 2014

Gimme Sugar 2014

Vinex dream 2014

Free your mind, Imagine your Own, latex 2011

Free your mind, Imagine your own, glass 2011

"Erbarme dich um meiner Zaehren willen" 2011

In my dance you are complete 2011

Schaffen schaffen Hauschen bauen 2013

I am lost to the world 2011

"Teder weten van onsterfelijkheid" 2011

Der Hund 2010

Une Belle 2011