Alexandra Bremers

Artistic researcher Ⓒ 2017








Alexandra Bremers lives and works in The Netherlands. She is married to Hans Paijmans, a scientist. They have two lovely daughters.

Xandra likes to theorize about art as much as she likes the practice of making art. She finds the perfect opportunity to combine these in her artistic research. “My installations visualize a thought process and in doing so invite the viewer to engage in that process”, she says. Her research is an ongoing development of questions asked and questions raised as a result of the work she makes and the debate she engages in.

“In art, as always, the big questions that keep coming up are about the essence of art, the nature of the artistic idea and the role of the artist. My research is done from the standpoint of an artist reflecting on philosophical theories. Much to my delight every new insight brings forth new questions, never an answer.”