CV Alexandra Bremers,NL

2010  Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. Bachelor of fine arts (BFA)
2017/18 MAFAD mastertrack Polis
2018 Artistic Research teatcher's course by lectorate AOK , Zuyd University

2016 Curated exhibition European Glass Context, Bornholm Art Museum , Denmark
2015 Winner New Glass Review 36
2014 Winner Stipend, Fonds Stipendium 10-10-'10
2013 Winner New Glass Review 34
2012 Winner New Glass Review 33
2011 Nominee 2011 Bernadine de Neeve prize

Selected exhibitions:

Greylight Projects, NL
Bijlmer Bajes LOLA LIK, NL
Gorcums Museum, NL
Bornholm Art Museum, DK
WG Kunst, Amsterdam, NL
Miet AIR, Beers. NL
Amsterdam Medical Centre ( solo), NL
Kunst 10-daagse Bergen, NL 
Musee du Verre, Charleroi, B
Dutch Society of Sculptors at HKK, The Hague, NL
Kasteel Le Paige, Herentals, B
Veluws Museum/ Galerie de Aventurijn, Epe, NL
LandArt Diessen, NL
National Glassmuseum Leerdam, NL
MILK Amsterdam, NL
The Glass House, Lommel, B
Monumental VZW, Bornem, B
Glassmuseum Alter Hof Herding, G
Museum Hilversum, NL
Glassmuseum Alter Hof Herding, G
Rietveld Academy Amsterdam , final show NL
Municipal Museum The Hague, NL
Fortress Vuren, NL
The Dutch Bank, Amsterdam, NL 
Westfaehlisches Industrial Museum, Petersheim , G
The Finnish Glassmuseum, Riihimaki, F
Museum De Casteelse Poort, Wageningen NL
Museum De Kopermolen, Vaals NL

Works in public collections:

Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding, Ernsting Stiftung. Coesfelt-Lette, Germany
Glasmuseum Charleroi, Belgium

Work experience:

2013- ongoing Owner G-Corner Studio, Grashoek, NL
2004-2007 Owner glassblowing studio at Waalre, NL
2007 Workshop Gilding on Glass with Frances Binnington, Belgium 
2006 Masterclass with Petr Novotny at Glashuette Eisch in Frauenau, Germany 
2005/2006 Student at the Institute for Crafts and Art in Mechelen , Belgium 
2003 Two day working visit with Neil Wilkins studio in Frome, England 
2003 Workshop Glass Sculpting with Karen Willenbrink-Johnson at 
North Lands Creative Glass studio, Schotland 
2002 Workshop Cold work with Bibi Smit at Studio VanTetterode in Amsterdam 
2002 Five day working visit at the School for Glass and Ceramics in Bornholm, D
2000 and 2001 Workshop Venetian Techniques with Richard Price at 
Studio Van Tetterode in Amsterdam
2000 Workshop Glassblowing with Gilbert Hockers at Studio Gilbert in Eindhoven 

Workshop on furnace building at PMX art school Hasselt, B
Assistant with Richard Price , Van Tetterode Studio Amsterdam, from 2002 till 2009
Assistant with Yvon Trossel from 2001 to 2003
Assistant with Gilbert Hockers from 2000 to 2002
Guest glassblower with Glass Centre at Leerdam, in 2002 and 2003

Catalogue European Glasss Context 2016, Bornholm Art Museum
2015 New Glass/ Neues Glas Review36 Corning Museum of Glass NY
2015 Catalogue Female Orgasm, Miet AIR
2013 New Glass/ Neues Glas Review34 Corning Museum of Glass NY
2012 New Glass/ Neues Glas Review33 Corning Museum of Glass NY
Manifest of an artist 2014, Xandra Bremers
De Bernadine de Neeve-prijs 2011 Vereniging van Vrienden Modern Glas. ISBN978-94-91093-02-9
Fjoezzz #3-2010 "Graduates Gerrit Rietveld Academie", Dutch Society of Friends of Modern Glass, NL
Catalogue 'Doodgewoon' , Museum Hilversum, 2010                                     
Catalogue "The Undiscovered Country and Art" Sculpture garden and Gallery Land en Beeld, year exhibition 2011.
The Embarrassment of Beauty, 2010 thesis

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